Respecting the Environment

The Clearing is a “green home,” built deliberately to respect the environment by using earth-friendly, sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible. Below is a list of just a few.

• All lumber used for the home’s framing was FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council).
• The home’s orientation on the lot, including the location of the covered porch and the directional slant of the pergola, were designed for maximal heating and cooling efficiency.
• The heating and cooling system is zoned dual-fuel for maximum efficiency.
• The hardwood floors are made of maple that was responsibly harvested and manufactured in Tennessee.
• The carpet squares in the lower level are each manufactured from seven recycled water bottles and are themselves recyclable.
• The remainder of the lower level carpet is manufactured from corn, has 25-year stain resistance and is 100% recyclable.
• The main level bath vanity and lower level bath built-in are made of reclaimed barn wood.
• The kitchen countertops are Silestone (engineered quartz with recycled content).
• The kitchen cabinets are KCMA certified.
• All appliances and ceiling fans are EnergyStar, as are most of the light fixtures.
• All water fixtures are water-conserving.
• All paint (interior and exterior) is no-VOC.
• Hot water heater is tankless, heating only upon demand.
• The vented front door and the placement of doors and windows allow for optimum cross-ventilation.
• The light-colored roof decreases retention of heat in summer.
• The propane-fueled fireplace serves as an energy-efficient back-up heat source.
• Only six trees were removed to construct the home.
• Cardboard and other materials were recycled during the construction of the home.