The Clearing

The mission of The Clearing has been to serve as a place of respite, clarity and solace that inspires restoration.
It is a place set apart as a clearing in the jungle of everyday life. It is a re-fueling station, a spa for the soul.

The name for The Clearing was inspired by Mike Yaconelli, a writer and teacher.
He wrote, in an article entitled Clearings…

“A clearing is a place of shelter, peace, rest, safety, quiet, and healing. It is a place where you get your bearings, regroup, inspect the damage, fill out the estimate and make the repairs. It is the place where the mid-course corrections are made—where you can change course, even, or start over. A clearing is a place where you can see what you couldn’t see and hear what you couldn’t hear.

If we don’t seek the clearings, then we will be brought to them forcibly in the form of a heart attack, illness, breakdown, anxiety attack, depression and/or loneliness. I am beginning to believe that life is not a search for jungleless existence, but rather a search for a few clearings in the midst of the jungle.

Life is not triumph over the jungle, but rather submission to reality that clearings are integral to life in the jungle.”

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The story of ‘The Clearing’