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welcome to the clearing

Built in 2010 as a “sacred space,” The Clearing has been a place of solace, inspiration, joy, mourning and celebration. Although the original owners, the Reeve family imagined and built the home, it was never built with the intention of just being another “lake home”. The Clearing has played a significant role in the lives of countless people who have enjoyed this “haven of rest.”

Now The Clearing has entered a new season…

God’s Providential Purpose

In December, 2016 The Clearing was sold – but through God’s miraculous foreknowledge, the Reeves and the new owners, the Creamers and Rigmaidens – having no previous knowledge of one another were about to be brought together by what could only have been the providential hand of God.

Without using those words, the Creamers and Rigmaidens were looking for a “sacred space” just like The Clearing. The moment they first stepped foot in the home in October, 2016 – one of five houses they would visit that Saturday afternoon – they knew there was something special about this home. It was unmistakable – even to the realtor, and before the end of the day, an offer had been made and accepted by the Reeve’s.
Since that time numerous, miraculous things took place that confirmed that God’s hand was upon both the seller and the buyers of The Clearing (for the full story, see “About the Name – The Story of The Clearing”).

The Creamers and Rigmaidens are excited to continue to use this home as a place of solitude and refreshment for their family, friends and ministry partners.


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